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If you are searching for the most durable windshield, choose a windshield that is made with polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is the strongest plastic for the windshield. This material is extremely durable and will not shatter on impact. No need to worry! Weetect is a perfect manufacturer of Polycarbonate windshield.

WeeTect polycarbonate windshield (WTPW) also names Lexan car windows, polycarbonate windscreen, motorcycle windshield, motorcycle windscreen, plastic replacement car window, or UTV windshield and accessories. Polycarbonate windscreen has a much stronger impact-resistant than traditional glass windshield. At the same time, it’s shatterproof.

As a leading Polycarbonate windshield provider, Weetect ensures to offer a broad range of high-quality windshield that suits various applications for clients. Polycarbonate windshields intended to protect users from bugs, strong wind, rain, dust, insects, and other flyers.

We can manufacture polycarbonate windshields you wish including racecar polycarbonate windshields, polycarbonate motorcycle windshields, UTV windshields, golf cart polycarbonate windshields, motorcycle polycarbonate windshields, polycarbonate boat windows, and more.

The polycarbonate windshield from Weetect will help in strengthening the structure of your motorbike, car, motorcycles, water vessels, aircraft or tram, etc. It also helps in improving the durability of the interior parts of your vehicles. Weetect polycarbonate windshields are the ultimate in optic quality, aerodynamics, and easy installation. These can be cut, formed, bent, routed, to accommodate the shape and size of your vehicle.

Weetect Polycarbonate windshields (WTPW) also manufactured with advanced optical properties and glass-like clarity that minimize the effects of harmful ultraviolet rays, ensuring continued riding fun and enjoyment on a bright, sunny day.

In China, Weetect Material Limited is a well-recognized high-tech company involved in R&D, production, and sales of a perfect solution for eye and face protection. Since its establishment in 1993, Weetect is dedicated to supplying superior quality products and reliable services at a competitive price worldwide. Your one-stop-shop solution provider of eye & face protection products.

WeeTect is your perfect polycarbonate windshield manufacturer with comprehensive fabrication capabilities which includes polishing polycarbonate, polycarbonate screen printing, thermoformable polycarbonate anti-scratch coating, polycarbonate machining, polycarbonate cut to size, thermoforming polycarbonate assembly, and more.

When it comes to your polycarbonate OEM polycarbonate windshield needs, you can rely on Weetect. You can get a 100% polycarbonate windshield that surely appreciated by your customers. Whether you are a polycarbonate windshield supplier, distributor, retailer, or custom company, Weetect is always the best business partner. We will assist you to boom your business project.

WeeTect is one of the great polycarbonate windshield manufacturers all over the world. The substrates of polycarbonate windshield normally are coextruded UV resistant polycarbonate sheets. At the same time, we could also offer an acrylic windshield. WeeTect is a polycarbonate windshield manufacturer with complete fabrication capabilities which includes thermoformable polycarbonate anti-scratch coating, polycarbonate cut to size, polycarbonate machining, polishing polycarbonate, screen printing on polycarbonate, thermoforming polycarbonate, assembly, and more.

WeeTect polycarbonate windshield (WTPW) is made from steel or aluminum structures, polycarbonate sheet or acrylic sheet, and a few other accessories. It can be used for polycarbonate windshield, polycarbonate windscreen, motorcycle windshield, motorcycle windscreen, plastic replacement car window, UTV windshield and accessories, custom motorcycle windshields, optic armor windows, motorcycle windshields Memphis shades, polycarbonate boat windows, etc.

To know more about our polycarbonate windshield, don’t hesitate to contact our team. Our experienced staff and full capabilities allow us to design and produce products that can meet your demands and specifications.

Choose Weetect polycarbonate windshields for your vehicles! Let Weetect support your business now!

As one of the polycarbonate windshield manufacturers, WeeTect will offer you:

  • Outstanding quality. We will 100% follow up on your polycarbonate windshield drawing and specifications by consistent process control and quality control system.
  • Competitive price. We have a strong supply chain that can get cost advantageous raw material of steel, aluminum, polycarbonate sheet, and acrylic sheet. WeeTect polycarbonate windshield (WTPW) could share the benefit from our other mass-production fabrication products capacity which can offer you a very competitive
  • Quick response. WeeTect polycarbonate windshield (WTPW) has a strong engineering and service team to support your projects. We could assign a team to support your project if necessary.
  • WeeTect polycarbonate windshield (WTPW) will choose compatible raw material and processes base on your drawing and specification. Our pretreatment and painting can be resistant to abrasion, salty spray, humidity, extreme temperatures, industrial solvents, chemicals, and more.
  • Customization We can produce different kinds of polycarbonate windshields, polycarbonate windscreen, motorcycle windshields, custom motorcycle windshields, optic armor windows, UTV windshield and accessories, acrylic windshield, Lexan car windows, motorcycle windshields Memphis shades, according to your drawing and specifications.
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