Prismatic Acrylic Sheet


  If you demand an acrylic sheet that can be drilled, laser cut, shaped, machined, molded, and bent to your exact requirements, then Weetect prismatic acrylic sheet is perfect for you. This is the finest sheeting product we offer, ideal for your business and personal applications. So look no further than Weetect, we are one of the prismatic acrylic sheet top manufacturers that capable to accommodate all your sheeting requirements.  

 Weetect prismatic acrylic sheets are available in textured finishes that let translucent light to move through the privacy component for various industrial applications. Whether you are searching for a prismatic acrylic sheet, holographic acrylic sheet, acrylic diffuser sheet, reflective acrylic sheet, or more, we can assure you to satisfy you.

  In the Weetect factory, we stock a variety of options for prismatic acrylic sheets for lighting and other implementations. We only offer a prismatic acrylic sheet with high versatility. You can avail of this sheet with standard colors, sizes, and designs. Plus, it has a textured finish that dispersed the image suitably for the privacy component.

  Our series of prismatic acrylic sheet is relatively affordable in cost but highly offers great brightness standard. Which means this sheeting material could be used in different industries. Often used as lighting diffuser panels for offices, clinics, shops, schools, and hospitals. All in all, these are perfect in fluorescent ceiling lighting and other lighting implementations.

  Whether you`re prismatic acrylic sheet wholesale, acrylic sheet retailer, distributor, or supplier, Weetect is always got your back to satisfy your needs.

  Weetect is known as a trusted distributor for many years. Here, you only find the highest and best quality prismatic acrylic sheets.

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