Flame Retardant Polycarboante Sheet


WeeTect Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Sheet (WFRPS) is a co-extruded optical clear flame retardant polycarbonate sheet or polycarbonate film which complaint with UL94 V0. It has extremely good high transparency and impact resistance.

WeeTect Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Sheet (WFRPS) can be applied to flat or thermoformed aircraft window dust covers, motorcycle windshield, specialty vehicle glazing, specialty equipment window glazing and other transportation, aerospace, electrical/electronic industries.

As a professional plastic coating manufacturer, WeeTect Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Sheet (WFRPS) could offer superior coated layer for anti-fog, anti-scratch, abrasion resistance and UV resistance properties but keep the optical clarity.

Compared with the other flame retardant polycarbonate sheet suppliers, WeeTect Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Sheet (WFRPS) not only offers very competitive price but also sustainable quality and one stop solution including surface treatment, thermoforming, cut to size and other fabrication services.

Advantages of Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Sheet :

  • UL94 V0, file no. E249605
  • Superior optical visibility
  • Superior impact resistance
  • Abrasion resistant as an option
  • Anti-fog Anti-scratch as an option
  • Much more cost competitive
  • One stop solution provider
More Details
ItemProperty Test Method U/MValue
OpticalHazeASTM D 1003%0.2
Light TransmissionASTM D 1003%90
InflammabilityFR GradeUL94GradeV0
MechanicalHardness 1KGANSI Z87.1 2010H2B~B
Surface TensionANSI Z87.1 2010dyn/cm>38
High velocity impactISO 527ft/s>300
Cross-Cut tape testISO 527NAPass
Elongation, yieldISO 527%7
Elongation, breakISO 527%110
Tensile stress, yieldISO 527Mpa65
Tensile modulus  MPaISO 527Mpa2200
Flexural strength, yieldISO 178Mpa91
Flexural modulusISO 178Mpa2500
Izod notched impact, 20 °CANSI Z87.1 2010KJ/m²65
PhysicalGravityISO 1183g/cm³1.32
Water absorption, 24 hoursANSI Z87.1 2010%0.15
Breakdown VoltageIEC60243KV/mm59
Arc ResistanceIEC60112250
Surface ResistivityIEC60093Ω/square10+16
Volume ResistivityIEC60093Ω/cm310+17
ThermalMold shrinkage (150oC)ASTM D1204%0.5-0.7
Thermal expansionISO 11359/ °C5.8×10-5
Vicat Softening Temp., Rate B / 120(base sheet)ISO 11357°C156
Thermal ConductivityASTM D5470W/(m*K)0.2
HDT, 0.45 MPaISO 11357°C153


  • WeeTect can customize dimensions based on your requirementfor Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Sheet.
Thickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)Remark
0.1930500,000Optical Grade
0.125930400,000Optical Grade
0.175930350,000Optical Grade
0.25930300,000Optical Grade
0.375930200,000Optical Grade
0.43930175,000Optical Grade
0.5930150,000Optical Grade
0.76930100,000Optical Grade
193080,000Optical Grade
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