Ballistic Face Shield

Ballistic Face Shield


WeeTect ballistic face shield (WBFS) is laminated ballistic visor with PMMA and polycarbonate with proprietary TPU interlayer, designed to offer entire facial protection from the helmet rim to below the chin area, against multiple hits of ballistic threats, as well as fragmentation and blunt impact. It is complaint with NIJ standard.

With no air-space between layers, the ballistic face shield has the highest light transmission, minimal distortion, and least weight and thickness for the same ballistic protection. WeeTect ballistic face shield (WBFS) can be retrofitted to full coverage PASGT or COMBAT style helmets with our unique Visor Fastening System (VFS). It can be securely mounted to the helmet with adjustable rear lock, and can be quickly attached or detached to most full face ballistic helmet.

The ballistic face shield can be locked into 3 positions including fully elevated, 45 degree and deployed. In advance, WeeTect ballistic face shield (WBFS) can coat anti-fog layer in side and anti-scratch layer outside to enhance the comfort and longevity of the ballistic visor.

Advantages of ballistic face shield

  • Complaint with NIJ standard
  • Anti fog and anti scratch resistant
  • Optical clarify
  • Much more competitive
  • Free sample for testing
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Technical Data of WeeTect Ballistic Face Shield 

Technical Characters

Product Code Protection Level Ballistic Performance Fragmentation Thickness
Vigard-IIIAM NIJ IIIA 44 magnum at 420m/s Stanag 2920 22mm
Multiple Shots 9mm FMJ at 420m/s V50=790m/s
7.62*25mm Tokarev at 420m/s
Vigard-IIM NIJ II 37 magnum at 420m/s Stanag 2920 20mm
Multiple Shots 9mm FMJ at 380m/s V50=710m/s
7.62*25mm Tokarev at 710m/s
Vigard-IIAS NIJ II 37 magnum at 380m/s Stanag 2920 13mm
Single Shot 9mm FMJ at 350m/s V50=580m/s
7.62*25mm Tokarev at 580m/s
Vigard-IS NIJ I .38 Special at 490m/s Stanag 2920 10mm
Single Shot V50=500m/s
Vigard-DM Demining .38 Special at 290m/s Stanag 2920 6mm
Vigard-AR Riot N/A N/A 3-4mm