Safety Face Shield


WeeTect safety face shield (WSFS) is composed of safety headgear and full face safety visor. It is complaint with ANSI and CE standard.

With a series of coating options such as anti fog, anti scratch, UV resistant and colored, WeeTect safety face shield is very popularly used for grinding face shield and chemical face shield.

WeeTect safety face shield (WSFS) is a punched polycarbonate sheet or an injection molding face shield which meets ANSI Z87.1-2003, EN166 and boasts the following qualities: fog-free, scratch resistant, optical clarity (class 1), impact resistant.

WeeTect safety face shield (WSFS) offers superior performance to eye and face protection.

Having a sustainable performance increases the longevity of the product and reduces significant product manufacturing costs, WeeTect safety face shield (WSFS) provides great protection against flying debris from cutting, grinding, woodworking, lawn care and hazards from mechanical work, do it yourself projects, hobbies, liquid chemical splash; any task where you need to protect your eyes and face.

Advantages of safety face shield:

  • Complaint with ANSI Z87.1, EN166 and EN170
  • Superior fog-free feature
  • UV resistant as an option
  • More competitive price
  • Lower distortion
  • If preferred, WeeTect can deliver anti-fog anti-scratch polycarbonate sheet directly.
More Details

WeeTect Safety Face Shield (WSFS) Technical Data

ItemProperty Test Method U/MValue
OpticalDiopterECE 22.05D<0.125
HazeASTM D 1003%0.37
Fog Free timeECE22.05/ECE324s>22
Fog Free timeFreezing Testsno fogging
MechanicalHardness 1KGISO 178H1
High velocity impactISO 527ft/s>300
Cross-Cut tape testISO 527NAPass
Elongation, yield  % 7ISO 527%7
Elongation, break ISO 527 % 110ISO 527%110
Tensile stress, yieldISO 527Mpa60
Tensile modulus  MPaANSI Z87.1 2010Mpa2300
Flexural strength, yieldISO 178Mpa100
Flexural modulus ISO 178 MPa 2500ISO 178Mpa2500
Izod notched impact, 20 °CANSI Z87.1 2010KJ/m²65
PhysicalGravityISO 1183g/cm³1.2
Water absorption, 24 hoursANSI Z87.1 2010%0.15
ThermalMold shrinkageISO 11359%0.5-0.7
Thermal expansionISO 113571/ °C7×10-5
Vicat Softening Temp., Rate B / 120(base sheet)ASTM D5470°C150
HDT, 0.45 MPaISO 11357°C138
  • If you need to custom your own shield ,just send us the pictures of your safety face shields to us ,we can also do OEM orders for you.

WeeTect Safety Face Shield (WSFS) Standard Size:


Thickness (mm/”)Width (mm)Length (mm)Remark
1mm/0.04″203.2mm/8″393.7mm/15.5″Optical Grade
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