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If you are inconvenient for online reading, WeeTect resource center offers free download for all valuable information which you are interested in. You can get professional e-book for “Anti-fog Solution” now. And soon we will publish “Coating on the Surface of Plastic”, and more. Each of these e-books is a bible for a specific industry, technology, function or application. You could become an expert on the industry very soon by reading our e-book.

In advance, if you are interested in studying more about our products or capabilities, please get detail documents on below “Product Catalog Download Center” section.

WeeTect resource center also offer free download for the certificates we passed or our customer passed. It’s an official prove of our technology and quality level.

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Photochromic: Complete Guidebook to Learn Everything About Photochromic Technology

Photochromic is a fascinating technology that has revolutionized lens, visors, face shields and goggles manufacturing industry. Until now, not much information is available online on photochromic technology. This has proved to be a nightmare for manufacturers and OEM business who need up-to-date information on photochromic technology.

In this complete guide to photochromic technology, I will explore all the vital aspects – from basic definitions, working principle to all possible applications. This photochromic eBook is an eye-opener for students, engineers and business that intend to venture into this industry.

Complete Handbook of Anti Fog Visor Inserts

Anti-fog visor inserts are fundamental safety gears that any motorcycle enthusiasts should have.And of course it is a big business chance for companies in this field.You will learn about anti fog visor insert from basic info to advanced properties.

Ultimate Guide of Anti Fog Solution (Solve Fogging Problem for All Industry Products)

In this ebook,you will find great solution for any products which are facing the problem of fogging.We have the best anti fog solution for different products from different industries ,like anti fog solutions for hockey visor ,face shield, goggle ,and more ,just read it,you will learn a lot!

Anti-Fog Solution for IP Camera Lenses

IP cameras are modern security systems used in residential and commercial buildings. Since they are mainly used outdoors, camera housing is constructed to protect them from adverse weather conditions such as fog, heavy rain or fluctuating temperature…

Anti-Fog Solutions For Hockey Helmet Visors,Solve Fogging Problem of Hockey Visor Forever

It’s unfortunate that most hockey helmet visors are prone to fogging. This not only limits vision, but also impairs judgment. As a result, it may either result in injuries or poor performance in the game…

Product Catalog Download Center
Abrasion Resistant Plastic Coatings
Acrylic Mirror
Anti Fingerprint Coating
Anti Fog Anti Scratch PC Sheet
Anti Fog Coating
Anti Glare Sheet
Anti Scratch Coating
Anti Scratch Film
Auto Darkening Welding Helmets
Auto Darkening Welding lens
Ballistic Face Shield
Bionic Face Shield
Custom Welding Helmet
Flame Retardant PC Sheet
Flexible Mirror
Fog Free Shower Mirror
Frosted Window Film
IR Blocking Film
Medical Face Shield
Mirror Cut to Size
One Way Mirror Film
Permanent Anti Fog Film
Plastic Mirror Sheet
Polycarbonate Coating
Polycarbonate Mirror
Riot Face Shield
Safety Face Shield
Sanitary Mask
UV Resistant PC Sheets
UV Window Film
Anti-fog Visor Insert
Ski Goggles
Security Window Film
UV Face Shield
WeeTect Football Visors
Full Face Respirator Visor
WeeTect Hockey Visor
Motorcycle Face Shields
Motorcycle Visor
WeeTect Paint Ball Mask
WeeTect Pilot Visor
WeeTect Racing Goggles
Welding Lens Cover
Window Tint Film
Blind Trust On WeeTect Certifications

Anti-fog Anti-scratch PC Sheet RoHS Report

WeeTect Anti-fog Anti-scratch PC Sheet RoHS Report

Abrasion Resistant Testing Report

  • Hard Coated Polycarbonate Sheet
  • Tested by SGS

WeeTect SGS Certificates

  • WeeTect SGS Certificate
  • Test on WeeTect main products

Hockey Visor CE Certificate

WeeTect CE certicate

  • CE Certification of WeeTect Factory
  • Tested by DIN Certco
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  • +86-1381-690-5765
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