Ribbed acrylic sheet


In WeeTect, you can find and get unbreakable and UV-proof ribbed acrylic sheets ideal for your indoor and outdoor applications. A great sheet solution with the enhanced transmission of 69% light properties and UV resistance.

WeeTect Ribbed Acrylic Sheet (WRAS) is designed as trendy, appealing, and classic to meet your standards. It comes in a wide range of designs, sizes, shapes, colors, and finishes that are excellent as value-added inclusions for your business.

You can use this ribbed acrylic sheet in schools, hospitals, shopping malls, homes, offices, boutiques, hotels, and other structures.  We can custom ribbed acrylic sheet according to your applications. WeeTect ribbed acrylic sheets can be cut into different widths, lengths, and thicknesses to create a suitable one for your project.

WeeTect is a leading and professional ribbed acrylic sheet manufacturer that can help you come up with fashionable designs for all your upcoming privacy screen, shower enclosure, tabletop, windscreen, and other projects.

It offers many benefits that make it a robust sheet used in unique fittings. With endless designs and patterns available, you can access diverse patterns with ribbing including marble, wood, brick slip, and cracked ice patterns.

Of course, it is made versatile and impact-resistance, making them perfect enough to be installed in outdoor locations as greenhouses panels, decks, etc.

A type of WeeTect ribbed acrylic sheet is also in demand in the LED diffused lighting and fluorescent industry. It not only reduced unwanted glare but also enable you to control brightness in the direct glare zone and soothe your visual comfort.

For many years of research and development, WeeTect specialized in manufacturing all types of acrylic sheets with various features and properties. We hold a strict inspection and testing process, advanced technology, and modern equipment that ensure 100% quality and durability of our products.

All our products meet CE and SGS standards. Avail of our affordable ribbed acrylic sheet solutions! You can guarantee the finest quality of our products at the best price.

Whether you`re in need of a corrugated ribbed acrylic sheet, holographic ribbed acrylic sheet, clear diffuser ribbed acrylic sheet, or ribbed acrylic sheet rubber matting, WeeTect will always satisfy your needs.

For more information about our ribbed acrylic sheet, contact us immediately. We have a highly trained team to accommodate your inquiries 24/7.

WeeTect Ribbed Acrylic Sheet (WRAS) will offer you:

  • UV-resistance
  • Bubble-Free
  • Rigid Structural Characteristics
  • High Impact Strength
  • Durable, Lightweight
  • Shatter-Resistant
  • Excellent Mechanical and Chemical Performances
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