Scratch-Resistant Acrylic Sheet


Looking for an excellent quality scratch-resistant acrylic sheet? We got you covered! WeeTect is a professional scratch-resistant acrylic sheet manufacturer and supplier in China with profound experience in the field.

Our WeeTect Scratch Resistant Acrylic Sheet (WSRAS) offers excellent transparency and durability with glass-like aesthetic appeal. It is extensively used in building installations, to make sliding doors, decks, windows, dividers, and displays. A great choice for display cases in museums, malls, and other public locations.

WeeTect Scratch Resistant Acrylic Sheet (WSRAS) are available in various thicknesses, colors, widths, sizes, designs, and features. With a variety of options, you can surely get the best one for your applications. No more visual imperfections and scratches, because you find the perfect product that can meet your standards.

We have different types of acrylic sheets with a scratch-resistant coating. For the finish option, we proudly offer our smoked scratch resistant acrylic sheet, high gloss scratch resistant acrylic sheet, translucent CNC scratch resistant acrylic sheet, crystal-clear scratch resistant acrylic sheet, and so on.

All of these are strengthened to prevent scuffing and scratches which provides also better resistance to chemicals and marring. Compare to glass, it has outstanding optical quality and impact-strength.

Of course, in WeeTect, you can get a whole range of reliable and innovative scratch-resistant acrylic sheets for diverse custom applications that can withstand harsh chemicals, temperatures, weather as well. This allows for long-lasting usage and sturdiness.

For many years in manufacturing acrylic sheets, we continuously fabricate sheets offering exceptional properties like UV protection, abrasion-resistant, etc. We guarantee to deliver the finest quality product in the market today!

WeeTect is an ISO9001 authenticated company trusted by many customers worldwide. We hold a strict quality production process, with advanced manufacturing equipment and the best technology.

As a professional acrylic sheet manufacturer, we utilize the following methods to cure, apply, and dry the anti-scratch treatment according to the type of thickness, material, and its applications of acrylic sheet. It includes dip-coating scratch resistant acrylic sheet, flow coating scratch resistant acrylic sheet, roll coating scratch resistant acrylic sheet, spraying scratch resistant acrylic sheet, spin coating scratch resistant acrylic sheet, and more.

If you want a custom service, WeeTect can do a bespoke solution. Just send your exact requirements and specifications.

Our full capabilities will make your scratch-resistant acrylic sheet durable that can be useful in the long run. Always count on WeeTect for we ensure the best and effective products and services that can benefit both you and your customer.

WeeTect is your one-stop-shop solution for your scratch resistant acrylic sheet needs. Whether you require scratch resistant acrylic sheet cut-to-size, 16mm scratch resistant acrylic sheet, 10mm scratch resistant acrylic sheet, anti-fog scratch resistant acrylic sheet, or non-glare scratch resistant acrylic sheet, WeeTect is the right choice!

If you`re interested, don’t hesitate to find and get your scratch resistant acrylic sheet in WeeTect. Our products are offered high-quality with the best prices that can save you money and effort!

WeeTect Scratch Resistant Acrylic Sheet (WSRAS) benefits:

  • 100% Scratch Resistant Acrylic Sheet
  • Extremely durable
  • Cost-effective
  • High-resistance to strong chemicals
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • High-quality
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Scratch Resistant Acrylic Sheets Manufacturing Process

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