Small Acrylic Box


WeeTect small acrylic boxes are a practical storage object that keeps your stuff highly organized and assemble. These small acrylic boxes are designed with maximum utilization of space. It will make your essentials highly visible.

You can keep your charm jewelry collections, stamps, storing soaps, kitchen goods, cotton balls, coins, and other items inside of our small acrylic boxes in many appealing ways.

Small acrylic boxes from WeeTect comes in various colors, thicknesses, length, and dimensions. It has functional features like hinged and magnetic lids. We can customize your small acrylic boxes for your specific requirements.

In fact, you can request for any type of decorative component to be incorporated into your small acrylic box. You can ask to add stickers or additional attachments to increase the exquisite value of these WeeTect small acrylic boxes.

These boxes can be engraved with a laser printer or screen printed depending on your demands. As a professional acrylic box maker, WeeTect uses color-blending mechanical systems and ultramodern laser machines to produce unique designs speedily and at cost-effective prices.

For the finish option, we offer high-quality types of WeeTect small acrylic boxes including the all-purpose small acrylic boxes, small acrylic boxes with hinged lids, small acrylic boxes with magnetic lids, magnifying small acrylic box, and many more.

All our finishes are manufactured using 100% acrylic material and conform to environmental protection standards. These have unique features like weatherproof, heat, and chemical resistance.

Of course, this unbreakable small acrylic box has a UV-protected layer that maintains its built-in properties even years after it has been exposed to the direct rays of the sun. It does not yellow in the sun, yet providing brilliant clarity and a highly reflective surface.

WeeTect is a specialized acrylic manufacturer with vast experience and history. We hold the key capabilities in acrylic fabrication. With our excellent technicians and designers, we guarantee safe, elegant, and durable small acrylic boxes ideal to boost your brand.

If you have a question about our WeeTect small acrylic boxes, contact us today. We have a skilled and friendly team willing to assist with your inquiries.

WeeTect small acrylic boxes benefits:

  • Lightweight and shatter-resistant
  • strong, durable, and highly transparent
  • dust-proof and highly-gloss
  • scratch-resistant
  • has a smooth finish
  • affordable


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Small acrylic box manufacturing process

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