Solid Polycarbonate Sheet


  Whether you need a solid polycarbonate sheet for your business or personal applications, Weetect can be your ultimate provider. We are one of the professional solid polycarbonate sheet manufacturer based in China. We produce all kinds of polycarbonate sheets in order to complete your construction projects.

  Weetect solid polycarbonate sheet (WSPS) is very known worldwide since this is more durable, lightweight, and less expensive. Polycarbonate sheet is familiar for polycarbonate panels and being the superb replacement or substitute for glass. This has many uses as well, including in the roofing construction.

  Our solid polycarbonate sheets are usually used by professional engineers since it gives better privacy levels for your business and houses. These have advantageous features such as higher collision-resistant and strength impact, which makes it the best choice than tempered glass. UV protected as well, we ensure these can help your eyes well protected from harmful UV lights.

  Furthermore, when talking about its application, these can be applied in industries such as electronics, agriculture, construction, automotive industry, and especially in the electrical industry.

  As the world’s finest manufacturer, Weetect manufactured solid polycarbonate sheets that offer shatterproof glass-like clarity. We can create a solid polycarbonate sheet with natural flexibility, be bent and curved depending on architectural demands.

  In Weetect, all solid polycarbonate sheet products are fitted perfectly for the outdoor environment. This is also the best sheeting product with unique quality to offer.

  We, Weetect strive to design and manufacture customize solid polycarbonate sheets that meet international standards. Our main goal is to attain your trust, meeting your specified requirements to get your satisfaction.

  Weetect, along with hardworking staff members and professional engineers capable to provide high-quality products at competitive pricing. We also make sure our products will have great performances in different applications.

  Nowadays, it is hard to find a reliable manufacturer for your applications but in Weetect, we are doing our best to provide all the products you need.

  For more information about Weetect Solid Polycarbonate Sheet, contact us today!

  WeeTect Solid Polycarbonate Sheet Advantages:

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Solid Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturing Process

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