Textured Acrylic Sheet


Having a hard time searching for the best-textured acrylic sheet manufacturer in China? WeeTect is the right choice. You can get a durable and highly aesthetic textured acrylic sheet in WeeTect at a very cost-effective price.

As a leading textured acrylic sheet manufacturer and supplier, WeeTect is capable of manufacturing various types, sizes, shapes, designs, and finishes of textured acrylic sheets. We carry a wide range of standard textured acrylic sheets. Custom textured acrylic sheets are also available. Just send your idea or drawing, WeeTect will handle the rest.

WeeTect fabricates textured acrylic sheet using excellent quality raw materials. Owing to our advanced technology, modern manufacturing equipment, strong workforce, and strict quality control, we can provide a high-standard textured acrylic sheet that can meet your preference and requirements. We offer the second-to-none product ideally fit your next project.

It comes with different unique features like routed edges, rounded edges, radius corners, and holes. Designed lightweight but shatter-resistant at the same time. We make sure that it is more resistant to scratches than other material.

Aside from its durability, it still allows natural light to pass through. It provides high light transmission compared to the glass while obscuring the view of its’ textured surface.  It’s highly aesthetical that many designers and engineers prefer to use it nowadays.

Offered WeeTect Textured Acrylic Sheet (WTAS) is best for novelty items, store fixtures, furniture, privacy panels, lighting tops, partitions, shower doors, glazing, etc.

WeeTect Textured Acrylic Sheet (WTAS) is an affordable solution for project enhancement and upgrades. Our products come with classic, trendy, imaginable designs and applications. This can help you boost your marketing business and improve your business.

WeeTect has the best solution and services offer to our valued clients. We only create products with superior quality and functionality that meet essential product standards like ISO9001, UL, RoHS, and more.

Under CE compliant facilities, we guarantee you the perfect textured acrylic sheet undergoes strict checking and testing before the transfer process.

Whether you`re in need of a cut-to-size textured acrylic sheet, clear textured acrylic sheet, black textured acrylic sheet, colored textured acrylic sheet or frosted textured acrylic sheet, WeeTect is capable of manufacturing the best one, perfect for your project business.

If you have any inquiries about our textured acrylic sheets, contact now!

Choose WeeTect Textured Acrylic Sheet (WTAS) to skyrocket your business:

  • Extremely durable
  • Lightweight
  • Highly aesthetic
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Shatter-resistant.
  • Still allows natural light to pass through
  • Beautiful finish
  • Long-lasting
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