Thermoformable Anti Fog Anti Scratch Polycarbonate Sheet


WeeTect Thermoformable Anti Fog Anti Scratch PC Sheet (WTAFASPCS) is an upgraded technology of WeeTect Anti-fog An-scratch PC Sheet. It is made of optical clear polycarbonate sheet with thermoformable anti-fog coating and anti-scratch coating on both sides.

The thermoformable anti-fog anti-scratch coating can also be applied on acrylic sheet. It can be applied to safety face shield, motorcycle visors, anti-fog polycarbonate lenses, anti-fog ski goggles or motocross goggle lenses, scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses, front and side windows of reach truck and forklift truck cabins in cold storage and more.

You can punch or CNC cutting on WeeTect Thermoformable Anti Fog Anti Scratch PC Sheet (WTAFASPCS) to any size then thermoform in your tooling to any shape. It boasts the following qualities: fog-free, scratch resistant,  impact resistant, very flexible to be thermoformed to any shape.

WeeTect Thermoformable Anti Fog Anti Scratch PC Sheet (WTAFASPCS) offers superior performance to eye and face protection. It provides great protection for riders on power sports, for workers against flying debris from cutting, grinding, woodworking, lawn care, hazards from mechanical work, for doing it yourself projects, hobbies, liquid chemical splash; any task where you need to protect your eyes and face.


  • Superior fog and scratch resistant performance
  • More visibility
  • UV resistant as an option
  • More competitive price
  • Very flexible for thermoforming
More Details
Item Property  Test Method  U/M Value
Optical UV Resistant (380nm) EN170 % 99.99%
Diopter ECE 22.05 D <0.125
Haze ASTM D 1003 % 0.37
Fog Free time ECE22.05/ECE324 s > 30
Fog Free time Freezing Test s no fogging
Mechanical Hardness 1KG ANSI Z87.1 2010 H 1
High velocity impact ANSI Z87.1 2010 ft/s >300
Cross-Cut tape test ISO 527 NA Pass
Elongation, yield ISO 527 % 7
Elongation, break ISO 527 % 110
Tensile stress, yield ISO 527 Mpa 60
Tensile modulus  MPa ISO 527 Mpa 2300
Flexural strength, yield ISO 178 Mpa 100
Flexural modulus ISO 178 Mpa 2500
Izod notched impact, 20 °C ANSI Z87.1 2010 KJ/m² 65
Physical Gravity ISO 1183 g/cm³ 1.2
Water absorption, 24 hours ANSI Z87.1 2010 % 0.15
Thermal Mold shrinkage ISO 11359 % 0.5-0.7
Thermal expansion ISO 11357 1/ °C 7×10-5
Vicat Softening Temp., Rate B / 120(base sheet) ASTM D5470 °C 150
HDT, 0.45 MPa ISO 11357 °C 138
Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Remark
0.5 930 1,830 Optical Grade
0.8 930 1,830 Optical Grade
1 930 1,830 Optical Grade
1.5 930 1,830 Optical Grade
2 1,220 2,440 Optical Grade
3 1,220 2,440 Optical Grade
4 1,220 2,440 Optical Grade
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