Tint Film

WeeTect tint film is a tinted film with or without back adhesive with a series of functions. It includes: window tint film, UV window film, frosted window film, anti fog film, IR blocking film, security window film, one way mirror film, anti scratch film and more.

  • Excellent UV blocking
  • Excellent IR blocking
  • Much more cost competitive
  • More options
  • UV blocking >=99%
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • IR blocking >=99%
  • Custom flexible
  • More haze rate
  • More light transmission
  • Scratch resistant
  • Custom sizes, thicknesses available
  • Better fog resistance performance
  • Scratch resistant
  • Custom sizes, thicknesses available
  • Better optical visibility
  • IR filter rate >=99%
  • Optional light transmission rate
  • Competitive price
  • UV filter rate >=99%
  • Explosion proof
  • Anti-terrorism as an option
  • Scratch resistant
  • UV/IR blocking an option
  • Better one way mirror affection
  • Better shatterproof
  • Scratch resistant coating as an option
  • Custom sizes and thicknesses available
  • Better scratch resistance
  • Anti fog as on option
  • Superior back adhesive
  • Excellent optical visibility
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