Uv Window Film


WeeTect UV Window Film (WUVWF) also names UV blocking window film which is a Nano coated PET film featuring both Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) protection screens on the outer layer and an adhesive on the inner layer. It is a specially designed film for laser cutting machine windows and other equipment which need UV blocking and IR blocking film. WeeTect also offers the total solution of UV and IR blocking window with high impact resistant polycarbonate sheet together.

WeeTect UV Window Film (WUVWF) offers excellent UV/IR resistant and abrasion resistant properties as well as optical clarity, impact resistance, and dimensional stability. Compare with other UV window film suppliers, WeeTect UV Window Film (WUVWF) performs better UV/IR and abrasion resistance in blocking laser rays to workers’ eyes. A perfect match for all laser cutting machine windows, the UV window film sustainable performance lasts long in order to protect users consistently.

More Details
ItemProperty Test Method U/MValue
OpticalLight transmission 1mmASTM D 1003%>70
HazeASTM D 1003%0.37
IR Resistant Rate%>= 99
UV Resistant Rate%>=99
MechanicalHardness 1KGISO 178H4
High velocity impactANSI Z87.1 2010ft/s>300
Cross-Cut tape testASTM D 1000NAPass
Elongation, yield  % 7ISO 527%7
Elongation, break ISO 527 % 110ISO 527%110
Tensile stress, yieldISO 527Mpa60
Tensile modulus  MPaISO 527Mpa2300
Flexural strength, yieldISO 178Mpa100
Flexural modulus ISO 178 MPa 2500ISO 178Mpa2500
Izod notched impact, 20 °CISO 180-1AKJ/m²65
PhysicalGravityISO 1183g/cm³1.2
Water absorption, 24 hoursISO 62%0.15
ThermalMold shrinkageISO527%0.5-0.7
Thermal expansionASTM D6961/ °C7×10-5
Vicat Softening Temp., Rate B / 120(base sheet)ISO 306°C150
HDT, 0.45 MPaISO 75/Be°C138
ModelVLT (%)IR Blocking Rate (%)UV Blocking Rate (%)Color
WIF00170%90%99%Light Blue
WIF00270%95%99%Light Blue
WIF00370%99%99%Light Blue
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