Translucent Polycarbonate Panels


  Weetect is a perfect place where you can find high-quality translucent polycarbonate panels for your business applications. Unlike glass, our version of translucent polycarbonate panels is tougher and lighter than steel. We produce this product with a lot of advantages including lightness, extreme durability, and aesthetically appealing.  

  You can use our translucent polycarbonate panels for roofing, canopies, roof lights, and interior design material. These panels are also useful in providing a wide range of rainscreens or curtain walling. So, whether you are retail, healthcare, commercial, leisure, education, and sports sectors, the Weetect translucent polycarbonate panel is perfect to run your business.

  Weetect translucent polycarbonate panels are widely applied for facade implementation, for new-build and refurbishment projects as well. So as a team, we are also known as distributors and manufacturers of ambient lighting system polycarbonate panels. This surely brings a wow factor to your establishment.  

  These kinds of translucent polycarbonate panels have been checked for air and water absorbent. It is well tested and certified in terms of fire resistance. Weetect translucent polycarbonate panels are the best selling product since it has durable and incredible weather-resistant properties. And even have a standard 20-year guarantee.

  As an incredibly professional team, Weetect manufactured translucent polycarbonate panels with UV protection on both external and internal face, for double-sided or open screens.

  Your customers might be looking for 100% standard translucent polycarbonate panels that are also easy and quick to install. At the same time, Weetect manufactured translucent polycarbonate panels from 30% recycled substances. Surely, if you decide to rely on Weetect, your own brand will go up high be recognized all over the world.

  We could offer translucent polycarbonate panels that are available in a wide range of tailored colors. Weetect can provide an absolute solution in terms of any polycarbonate products. We have complete kinds of translucent polycarbonate panels for canopies, translucent polycarbonate panels for roof lights, and translucent polycarbonate panels for roofing. These are ready to ship, available for your large orders.

  To generalize, Weetect is an expert when it comes to translucent polycarbonate panel fabricating. We can`t wait to work with you.

Contact us now and get more details about our products and special services.

 Weetect Translucent Polycarbonate Panels Benefits:

  • 250 times Durable than glass
  • Easier to Shape and Cut
  • Available in Multiple Colors
  • Super Lightweight
  • Higher UV-protection
  • Easiest to Install
  • Excellent Light Transmission
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Translucent Polycarbonate Panels Manufacturing Process

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