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If you’re looking for UV acrylic sheets with great UV-protected properties, you’ve come to the right place. WeeTect is a leading UV acrylic sheets manufacturer in China trusted by many customers worldwide.

We all know that ultraviolet radiation or UV rays from the sun can be dangerous in many situations. It can cause damage and discolorations for your acrylic sheets or valuable items.

WeeTect UV Acrylic Sheets (WUVAS) are acrylic sheets that protect and shield you and your items from natural as well as artificial UV rays. No worries about fading and yellowing of your stuff because these products are effective in filtering more than 98% of the harmful UV rays.

WeeTect UV Acrylic Sheets (WUVAS) are accessible in different colors, patterns, sizes, thicknesses, varying filtration power, and finishes. Custom service of UV Acrylic Sheets is also available in WeeTect with your precise specifications.

You will find that UV acrylic sheets are much lighter than glass and impact-resistant. You can utilize colorful UV acrylic sheet windows for better visual appeal in your area. These glass-look windows can protect your interiors from ultraviolet radiation.

Our series of WeeTect UV Acrylic Sheets (WUVAS) are also in high demand for protecting artworks. You can use these sheets to reduce reflection from light sources, and the visitors will surely love your art.

These days, instead of glass, clear UV acrylic sheets are placed for acrylic skylights and window glazing. It filters UV rays so that you can prevent the harmful UV rays from entering your building.

It is stronger than glass and can resist a large amount of pressure. The flexural strength of our UV Acrylic Sheets is 115MPa and the tensile strength is 75MPa. That means, WeeTect UV Acrylic Sheets (WUVAS) offer superior quality and durability. There is no problem with having any defects like cracks or holes.

For your different types of UV acrylic sheets requirements, we offer UV filtering acrylic sheets and UV transmitting acrylic sheets.

All our products are durable with quality standards including ASTM G154 and ASTM D4459. It means that WeeTect UV Acrylic Sheets undergo stringent tests and a cycle of exposure to high-intensity UV radiation. We ensure 100% UV protected sheets before the manufacturing process.

WeeTect is a professional UV acrylic sheets manufacturer and supplier in China. We are capable of fabricating a wide range of UV acrylic sheets that can meet your standards and demands.

Always feel free to message us, if you want to discuss our UV acrylic sheets.

WeeTect UV Acrylic Sheets (WUVAS) Advantages:

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Strength and durability
  • High impact resistance
  • Excellent clarity
  • Easy fabrication and fitting
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Provide high live-load carrying capabilities
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