UV Polycarbonate Sheets


If you looking for the most versatile UV Polycarbonate Sheets, WeeTect is the best choice. As a leading polycarbonate sheet manufacturer in China, we are so glad to support your business project.

WeeTect provides high-performance engineered thermoplastic, also called a polycarbonate sheet which manufactured from 100% virgin raw material with UV protected features, perfect for any various applications. This can be used for outdoor signs and signage, aircraft window dust covers, specialty vehicle glazing, helmet visors, motorcycle windshield, and more.

WeeTect UV Polycarbonate Sheets (WUVPS) is a co-extruded optical clear UV380 or UV400 resistant polycarbonate film. It offers the best transparency and impact resistance. This is lightweight and can endure extremely low and high temperatures. Thanks to its durable construction, it can withstand damage and scratch, and virtually unbreakable.

As a professional plastic coating manufacturer, WeeTect could offer a superior coated layer for UV polycarbonate sheets such as anti-fog coating, anti-scratch coating, abrasion resistance but maintain excellent optical clarity.

WeeTect is the perfect manufacturer if you want to have the best type of UV-protected polycarbonate sheet. For many years in providing second-to-none products and services, we are trusted by many clients around the world.

Compared with the other UV polycarbonate sheet manufacturers in China, WeeTect not only offers very economical rate products but also a one-stop solution and sustainable quality services including thermoforming polycarbonate, surface treatment, cut to size, and other production line services.

Our skilled and knowledgeable team and professionals can customize your UV polycarbonate sheet idea. We are working closely with engineers and designers to create the best products out of your own designs. Send your drawings and specifications now and we will handle the process.

Whether you`re in need of a fire-retardant UV polycarbonate sheet, transparent UV polycarbonate sheet, anti-fog UV polycarbonate sheet, or recyclable UV polycarbonate sheet, WeeTect will definitely boom your business.

To know more about our UV polycarbonate sheet, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Advantages of our WeeTect UV Polycarbonate Sheets (WUVPS):



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